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On Love and a Football Tournament

أهو ال-“حب” والمسائل دي عملة زي متشات الكرة ال بنشوفها اليومين دول. تخش بكل ثقة و إنت فكر نفسك شاطر تطلع حمار، و ممكن واحد محظوظ داخل يهزر يبص يلاقي نفسه عدي التصفيات، و غالباً ما هتتقرس و تتبهدل و يتفرج عليك اليسوى والميسواش و يجيبوك أرضاً و نقول دة أكيد مات، و بعديها تقوم تجري ولا كأن أي حاجة حصلت، و في ال كل أربع سنين بحكاية جديدة و في ال مهما حاول مفيش في أي أمل خالص، المهم تخش بروح رياضية و تتوقع أي حاجة تحصل، و متخدش الموضوع على قلبك أوي عشان لو بطلت تحاول مش هنلاقي ال نفرح بي (أو في) كمان ٤ سنين. و عمر الشقي باقي.

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Niece: what does 'engaged' mean?
Sister: that's before people get married... so, before they live together
(and she shall soon learn that was a lie...)
Niece: so you and dad are married?
Sister: exactly
Niece: and I am alone
(a thought that couldnt have occured to me so long as I could play with my toys in public)
Sister: ...
Niece: so I should get married.
(a thought that still doesn't occured to me)
Sister: and who would you marry?
Niece: Ashraf!
Sister: but he's your grandfather
Niece: so what. He's a man.
That girl's got one looong way ahead of her...

hat and boot shopping in leon, mexico (once upon a time)

things i should have posted but never did. one day at a tequila factory. 

Found on a colleague’ wall.

Found on a colleague’ wall.

To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest


No permitas que tus heridas te transformen en alguien que no eres

Paolo Coelho - Aleph

Sometime the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.


No, #Christmas is not over in #beirut…

I looked in temples, churches & mosques. I found the Divine within my Heart.


My tree! #christmas #beirut

My tree! #christmas #beirut

the sun washes it all away

One day it’s up and the next it’s down… Then the sun shines on a winter day, and you see someone who was really never into reading absorbed by a book on their warm bright balcony, on that quiet Sunday morning. And the warmth of the balcony, of the sun, of the book, of the old familiar face entrapped in a world of his own, makes its way to the heart, and all melts… all melts, on a warm sunny day. 

A gentle wave of optimism… and a desire to forgive…

There we go Life, another day, and it starts good.

I learned that you can have sympathy and absolutely no respect for the same person.


“Suddenly we woke up and Aleppo was being bombed. I won’t forget how it was, back at the day. Everything is suddenly nothing… You don’t care about anything anymore… All what we’ve been through, all what we talked about, like what you believe in religion, what you believe in politics, what is freedom and what is not, what is dictatorship and what is not… everything disappears from you mind in these moments. It’s just… death. People are dying, and you might be one of them any minute.” 

A break from the dizzying intoxicating news of brigades, extremists, massacres and things we’re struggling to make sense of, to the account of a regular guy from Aleppo with a family, a career and a life I can relate to in. Without oversimplifying, this guy could have very well been you. It’s just a matter of odds.

Snowy mountain on a clear sunny day. :) #lebanon

Snowy mountain on a clear sunny day. :) #lebanon