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Technical Assistance For My Waning Memory

I am interested in the devil. And I am notorious for it.

I love you; for the ungraspable idea you are, the immeasurable potential; for all what I see and cannot fanthom, for what I understand and cannot explain.

My phantoms 

Him: still ok.. still going strong.. still beautiful.. thats ok no?
Her: that's pretty good, yes..
: I am still ok...
: still distracted, still torn, still deeply engaged and totally disconnected...
: all signs of being ok
Him: ah, like the sudden one I know.. random you called it
: I would say challenging... in more than one way
: which i see as a compliment
: I mean you are lively..not boring..or predictable
: ships, we should have slept together.. for the sake of chemistry
: but the darned principles
Her: ships, i think you're right...
Him: it was always there, should have seen the frown on my face
: I wanted you… but didn't want you unhappy
: I think we would have made magic love

Stop being fearful of unexpected expressions of love, of spontaneous expressions of care.

Physical manifestations to a loss of words or poetic expressions to a lack of touch.

It is from those fragile and vulnerable gestures that are revealed the most sincere partners, that are born the most meaningful relationships.

So lucid, and so poignant, I have been so struck by these words since I read them. It’s like my wordless dilemmas have finally come undone. (From a Facebook status of a - quite random - recent aquaintance.) 

On Love and a Football Tournament

أهو ال-“حب” والمسائل دي عملة زي متشات الكرة ال بنشوفها اليومين دول. تخش بكل ثقة و إنت فكر نفسك شاطر تطلع حمار، و ممكن واحد محظوظ داخل يهزر يبص يلاقي نفسه عدي التصفيات، و غالباً ما هتتقرس و تتبهدل و يتفرج عليك اليسوى والميسواش و يجيبوك أرضاً و نقول دة أكيد مات، و بعديها تقوم تجري ولا كأن أي حاجة حصلت، و في ال كل أربع سنين بحكاية جديدة و في ال مهما حاول مفيش في أي أمل خالص، المهم تخش بروح رياضية و تتوقع أي حاجة تحصل، و متخدش الموضوع على قلبك أوي عشان لو بطلت تحاول مش هنلاقي ال نفرح بي (أو في) كمان ٤ سنين. و عمر الشقي باقي.
Niece: what does 'engaged' mean?
Sister: that's before people get married... so, before they live together
(and she shall soon learn that was a lie...)
Niece: so you and dad are married?
Sister: exactly
Niece: and I am alone
(a thought that couldn't have occured to me so long as I could play with my toys in public)
Sister: ...
Niece: so I should get married.
(a thought that still doesn't occur to me)
Sister: and who would you marry?
Niece: Ashraf!
Sister: but he's your grandfather
Niece: so what. He's a man.
That girl's got one looong way ahead of her...

Hats and boots shopping in Leon, Mexico (once upon a time)

things i should have posted but never did. one day at a tequila factory. 

Found on a colleague’ wall.

Found on a colleague’ wall.

To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest


No permitas que tus heridas te transformen en alguien que no eres

Paolo Coelho - Aleph

Sometime the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.


No, #Christmas is not over in #beirut…

I looked in temples, churches & mosques. I found the Divine within my Heart.


My tree! #christmas #beirut

My tree! #christmas #beirut